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* Delivered via LIVE ZOOM sessions
* Next course starts October 12 at 4pm
* Runs for 4 weeks 
Each session goes for 1 & 1/4 hours

If you're in NSW it is 
5 hours of NESA Accredited Numeracy PD 

Covering AITSL Teaching Standards
1.2.2, 2.5.2, 3.5.2 & 6.2.2 at Proficient Teacher Level

Presented by Lynelle Campbell

Masters of Education (Research - Numeracy/Number Sense), 
Grad. Dip Special Education, Dip Ed (Primary) 
Director | Education Consultant at 
Lynz Education

Are you worried about how to help some of the students you teach?

Are you at your 'wit's end' about how to differentiate mathematics? 

Or are you just on the lookout for ways to improve your Maths teaching?
Good news!

I can help.

Join me to learn :

"How to Teach Number Sense" 
 so no child is left behind in your class

Check out below what others have said about this Number Sense PD...
"Many thanks for the fantastic day. It is not often that I come away from a PD day and feel confident about implementing new ideas in my classroom, but your number sense activities were spot on. I really liked that you took the time to teach them to us thoroughly and gave us opportunities to discuss differentiation. I have been using the activities each day this week and the children in my class are really enjoying them. 
Julie Mitchell, Classroom Teacher, Timbumburi Public School
"Loved the day. Number sense was explained in an easy to understand way. You can tell Lynelle has been a teacher - she can talk the talk having walked the walk!" 

Anne Muligan 
Catherine McAuley School, Orange - Teacher
"Loved it! Great ideas that I will start tomorrow and continue into every maths lesson!"

Maree Higgins 
All Hallows School - Teacher
"As a person who considered themselves hopeless at Maths, today was a new experience where I was able to appreciate what I do know about Maths and that I am more numerate than I thought!"

Rebecca Afonso
Carramar Public School, Itinerant Support Teacher - Hearing

"Really enjoyed the day. I loved the number sense warm up activities and how to visualise the process symbolically and how to improve dialogue of mathematical concepts." 

Danielle Rice 
Cathedral School
"This PD provided valuable tools to promote number sense in students. It has given me practical ways to develop Number Sense in the classroom."

Stephanie Lorenz 
Padstow Park Public School , Itinerant Support Teacher - Hearing
"The concepts were fun and useful for Primary aged students but they can also be adapted for High School students struggling in Maths."

Busby Public School, Itinerant Support Teacher - Hearing
"Good strategies to use in the classroom, backed up by well-explained research. Thanks for a well-presented, relevent PD! 

Anna King 
St John School, Baradine - Teacher
"Great balance of pedagogy and research and practicality! Interesting and informative slides including video etc. Great ideas for learning support students and whole class." 

Renee Casalis 
William Clarke College - Learning Support Teacher

STOP!  So, What Do We Actually Get Done?
GUARANTEED Researched Based
 You will learn the most effective research-based practices you can institute into your maths lessons to meet the needs of ALL your students ...

5 hours of NESA Accredited PD hours at the Proficient Teacher Level
Covering AITSL Teaching Standards:
1.2.2, 2.5.2, 3.5.2 & 6.2.2

Putting research into practice
You'll come away with an effective numeracy warm-up routine with a number sense focus that you can put into practice the next day at school. 
You'll also learn how to differentiate all your maths activities and games so you can support and extend students.  

More Meaning, Less Frustration
Everything you'll learn is focused on helping every student in your class have success in Maths. 

You can help them enjoy learning...

That's the main reason we all wanted to be teachers in the first place... right?  


So, How Does it Work?

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Step #2: Pay the $237 Registration fee by Credit Card.  (Note: Each participant will need to register separately.) 

Step #3: You will be emailed all the information to join us at the first zoom meeting.  


BE QUICK- there are limited spots available so that we can have highly interactive sessions 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need an invoice to register? 
If you are unable to pay with a credit card and you would like an invoice created you can
Email with the details of who to make the invoice out to and the number of teachers attending.   
What if I need some information to share with school leadership? 
  Email us at and request an Information Brochure.
What about the Number Sense Masterclass I've heard about?
You will be offered more information about the Masterclass once you've registered for the "How to Teach Number Sense" PD.  It is being offered the weeks following the Number Sense PD and at a special joint registration discount price .  Very briefly, it is a focused 'masterclass' on how to assess & provide intervention in number sense.   
Could we have this PD just for our school?
Certainly you can! And there are further discounts for a whole school staff and you can even book in your preferred dates & times. to express your interest in having Numeracy/Number Sense PD run just for your school staff
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