Are your students struggling in Literacy &/or Numeracy?

Are you feeling overwhelmed about all you have to teach? 
Do you want some help?

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  • Wanting to learn more to help all students improve and excel?
  • With students struggling with Literacy &/or Numeracy?
  • Wanting to learn more about research that works in classrooms?
  • Dealing with some student behaviour issues?
  • Looking for ongoing support in professional learning?

You'll get support to apply what works across the school year
with two school-based researchers with lots of experience & effective options 
to improve your students' Literacy & Numeracy skills... 
including those with additional needs!

Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions where you can have YOUR questions answered about how to implement or tweak a particular strategy ...Solve little problems before they become big problems! 
Each week a new topic is introduced in just 10 minutes ...  you'll learn a practical 'tried & true' strategy you can use to help students develop Literacy &/or Numeracy skills. 
Lynelle & Gail will share the assessments they use to pin-point a students strengths & weaknesses in Literacy & Numeracy.
You're not alone. You can reach out to the group and ask your questions, share your wins and learn from each other! 
Learn together...
You will have a collection of mini- Professional Development videos you can refer back to and research-backed resources to try.  There will be regular giveaways of resources too.  
For a small monthly spend you could potentially save thousands in Professional Learning!
You won't need to leave your school to receive quality PL targeted to YOUR NEEDSl! 

Here's what your membership in 
"Learn & Grow: Literacy-Numeracy" will provide:

Weekly recorded 10 min 'Cuppa Chats' where you'll learn how to apply the research to help your students grow in Literacy and Numeracy 
Weekly LIVE Q&A 'Cuppa & Cake' sessions to answer all YOUR questions.

The ongoing community support of other TEACHERS just like you...
Assessments, Interventions, Discounts on resources,
Priority access to Literacy & Numeracy workshops

Starting July 2021

Here are our promises to you...

1/ We'll only share what we know are evidence-based strategies... to save you time. 

2/We'll review what's 'out there' and give you options on what's worth getting (or avoiding)...
to save you money.

3/We'll share fun and practical ideas... so both you and your students will enjoy learning. 

4/ We'll be there to support you and encourage you throughout the school term. You got this! 

Learn & Grow with Lynelle & Gail  :) 

Learn & Grow 
Lynelle & Gail

Lynelle is a primary school teacher, special education teacher and learning support coordinator who has specialised in numeracy teaching and learning. Since completing her Master's degree in Number Sense and Early Numeracy she has been a Numeracy Consultant for AISNSW & Lynz Education. She has shared strategies with thousands of teachers on what works to help students stay engaged and develop mathematical skills and understanding. 

Lynelle has a passionate belief that all students should leave school numerate and they should enjoy the process of learning. She wants to support any school and any teacher who wants to develop their numeracy program to meet the needs of ALL their students.
Gail is well known for her doctoral research and her intervention program in Question Skills to develop a student's reading and oral comprehension.  Gail has presented at multiple national and international Literacy conferences and has published her research in numerous journals. 

Her passion is in taking research that works into classrooms... and working with classroom teachers. Her focus is on successful learning, in both literacy and numeracy. 

Gail continues to study and share the most recent research on 'learning how to learn'.  She loves to keep encouraging and supporting teachers and students to keep learning.

$39 / month / teacher 
$59/ month for a school leader + teacher together  

Find out what works to stop the 
struggle in
Literacy & Numeracy

Let's help you and your students feel confident and be successful in both Literacy & Numeracy!  

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I have had the privilege of studying and working with Gail for a number of years.
Through my role as Learning Support Teacher, in both Primary and Secondary Schools, I have implemented Gail’s Reading Fluency strategies and Question Skills Instruction program and have seen numerous students achieve tremendous reading success, to which I attribute the methodology of this program. These students are now able to understand texts they read, can talk about and answer questions about texts.
I have sought Gail’s advice, as a researcher, on numerous occasions, and she is always able to give me some effective, practical options for my students that are research-based.
Gail’s design and delivery of high quality teacher professional development, coupled with her depth of knowledge and experience of effective teaching and learning is meritorious.

Norah B, 
Learning support teacher
Regional NSW
“I am delighted to write a testimonial on behalf of Lynelle Campbell and her work with staff and students at my school.
At all times I have found Lynelle to be extremely professional, thorough and dedicated.
Lynelle is an expert in her field and has the ability to easily communicate and share her knowledge with staff.
Lynelle’s ongoing consultancy made a positive difference to our staff in how to assess and monitor student’s growth and development in number sense.
Lynelle’s expertise in this area made an enormous difference to my staff in their understanding of student needs and the explicit teaching of number sense significantly contributed to students’ improved results in mathematics.”

Dean Smith
Head of Primary School

I'm finding I'm using so much from Lynelle's number sense course. I'm a MUCH better Maths teacher now!
Classroom Teacher
“Our College worked very closely for four years with Lynelle Campbell who was leading holistic Professional development with a major focus on Number Sense. Teachers have implemented explicit instruction across all grades. A teacher commented, “My students are all engaged in these new fast paced explicit lessons and it has reduced opportunities for misbehaviour as well.” Another one said, “My students know how to use numeracy language with much more confidence than before. The daily warm-up activities have really helped my class in taking ownership in their own learning. They are motivated to achieve better results by measuring their scores and their improvement on a daily basis.” Teachers have been trained in the use of different assessments tools that are reliable, valid, accessible and evidence-based. After a consistent approach and consultancy with Lynelle for four years, all our grade three students scored in the top two bands in their NAPLAN Numeracy.”

Amal Awadallah
Deputy Principal


Are you helping your students with BOTH Literacy & Numeracy this year?  

Have you got students who can't afford to get further behind in either area?

     * What if there's a way you could help your students learn & grow in both? 

     * What if the professional help could come to you...?

Here's what we're offering: 

     * Help that is targeted to what works for students who are struggling.

     * Help that is in bite-sized chunks you can apply straight away!  

Let's help ALL our students LEARN & GROW in Literacy & Numeracy


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