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From The Desk Of Lynelle Campbell
Casuarina, Australia

Hi Primary School Leader,

I wanted to write this letter to you today as I have a super important message to share that could radically improve your school's numeracy results.

This is something I've been able to develop after working with over 80 schools in Australia. 

So, if your school needs help with numeracy… 
If you know there is room for improvement… 

Then this will be the most important letter you’ll read this year.
Here's Why...
I truly believe there is a way for your school to have  newsworthy numeracy results that make you stand out as a school of excellence.

A way for every student to have the opportunity to learn what is essential  for success in mathematics.  

And a way for your teachers to have strategies to reach all students regardless of their starting point..

Would you like the parents to be boasting about what's happening in maths education at your school?

(I know this happens because the schools I've worked with have seen it happen for themselves.)

I’m talking about a simple, step-by-step and laser-focused approach to improving maths teaching across the school.

The same effective approach I’ve used to help over 80 schools to date…

Want to know more?

Hi, my name is Lynelle Campbell and I’ve been researching and sharing the essentials to success in Numeracy teaching & learning for over twelve years.

I’ve had the privilege of working with over 2000 teachers across the Independent, Catholic and Public School sectors in Australia to help them improve mathematics teaching and learning.

I’ve been able to help these teachers to help ALL their students 'get' Maths. 

I'm telling you this because...

No matter what your school's socio-economic status, or how much your students are behind, or how limited your resources are...

I know that with this system I can absolutely help you improve.
However, I've got a huge confession to make ...
I do not believe everyone needs to become a 'mathematician'!

They don't need to leave school being able to do calculus...

And they don't necessarily need to find the 'beauty' in Maths. 

If they do, that's great!

BUT what they DO need is ..

An understanding of Maths that leads to improved Numeracy. 

Numeracy is an essential life skill...just as Literacy is. 

Consider it this way...

                                  Maths is to Numeracy 
                                   Reading is to Literacy

Without Maths our students won't become numerate ...
Just as without Reading they don't become literate.

I'm sure you will agree....Maths is foundational to improving Numeracy.

After years of researching what works and what doesn't...
I've identified what is essential to improving results in Numeracy.

You may be pleased to know that you don't have to be a 'maths specialist' to teach maths effectively.

And students don't have to be born with a 'maths brain' to get good numeracy results... 

I can confidently say after working with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students  that ALL primary teachers can teach mathematics and ALL students (including students with disabilities) can make improvements in numeracy...

But ONLY...

IF they are given the right support!

It's vitally important to understand what it takes to be an effective teacher of mathematics...  

And it's just as important to understand how students learn
especially students with learning difficulties and disabilities. 

Every school leader wants a staff of confident mathematics teachers …who can teach students of ALL abilities.

But maybe that's NOT your reality at the moment?

Maybe you’re struggling with getting all your staff ‘on the same page’ when it comes to maths teaching? 


Maybe you have a lot of students with additional needs?
I’m sure you want to be ‘kicking goals’ each year in numeracy...

But do you find yourself sitting at your computer, maybe looking at NAPLAN numeracy results each year, and thinking... 

We have to do better?

Well if you do, you’re not alone.

I’ve met and worked with dozens of school leaders who felt the same way.

They wanted to see improved numeracy results but...

They were at a loss about what to do.
  • Some had tried changing textbook series numerous times...
  • Others had tried various methodologies of teaching mathematics...
  • And others allowed each teacher to do whatever they thought best…
Yet numeracy results were not improving.

In some cases Maths teaching was becoming a ‘touchy topic’ in the staff room!

Sounding familiar?

Would you like to lead your school to making positive changes in numeracy teaching? 
Do You Know How to Make the Improvements to your Numeracy results that you want to make?
The truth is there's a LOT to learn, things like...
  • ​How to get your staff ‘on board’ …without overwhelming them and adding to their burden?
  • ​How to know what is truly effective when there are so many options to choose from?
  • ​How to ensure you’re not wasting your budget on making changes that won’t work?
It’s kind of overwhelming, right?!!!

That’s exactly how the school leaders I worked with felt.

They knew they didn’t have expertise in numeracy…

and they didn't want to waste time or money.

They only wanted to invest time, energy and money into research-based strategies.

Strategies to improve their numeracy results and set their students on a path to success. 

They certainly didn’t want to burden their staff with making changes that would not be effective.
So, you are not alone in wanting to make changes that work!
Over the last six years, I’ve been working with many schools that are on a numeracy improvement journey.
I have discovered what needs to be ‘packed’ for the 'journey'...

What needs to be left behind...

And how to monitor progress along the way.

By taking the research on WHAT WORKS and...

Making it applicable and manageable for classroom teachers

I've been able to develop a “Numeracy Improvement Guide”.
Otherwise known as ...
The Ultimate Primary School Numeracy Game Plan
I have been able to perfect this 'game plan' over the years. 

As every seasoned traveler will tell you when they start out on a journey – "know your destination & know how you're going to get there."

But don’t just take my word for it …

Have a look at what some of 'my' successful school leaders have had to say about their numeracy improvement journey….

Lynelle's understanding of student needs and the explicit teaching of number sense significantly contributed to students’ improved results in mathematics.

Dean Smith, Head of Primary School, William Clarke College

After a consistent approach and consultancy with Lynelle for four years, all our grade three students scored in the top two bands in their NAPLAN Numeracy.
Amal Awadallah, Deputy Principal, St. Bishoy Coptic Orthodox College

Our College has been using Lynelle in supporting our K-6 staff in understanding how to teach numeracy to the students in an effective manner. Over this time, they have been kicking goals every year, in their knowledge of how to get the best out of the students and how to grow their own understanding of teaching numeracy and number sense. 
Jenny Gibbons, Principal (Retired), Mountain View Adventist College

Sandi Ambler, Principal
RIDBC Garfield Barwick School
RIDBC Thomas Pattison School 
RIDBC School Support Services (Hearing Impairment) 
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children 

North Rocks

Scott Cousins, Head of Junior School, Pacific Hills Christian School, Dural

A Game Plan makes all the difference…
Achieving success as a leader of change is A LOT easier when:
· You have a clear destination
· You know the exact path to follow
· You know the right steps to take …
And you take them in the right order.

The same applies to leading change that will result in improved numeracy results.

Having a game plan makes all the difference.

That’s why I want to help you develop a game plan
Introducing The School Improvement Numeracy Consult
Since you’ve already taken action and you are here reading this right now…
I’m pretty confident you’re a leader of change and we have a fair bit in common 😊.

Because of that, I want to invite you to have a free School Numeracy Evaluation Consult with me…

So how can I help you…
Get from where you are to where you want to be?

Well, for a small number of school leaders...

I will jump on a call with you and we'll discuss how you can lead successful changes in Numeracy teaching and learning at your school.

Then I’ll help you create a Numeracy Improvement Game Plan to help you get results in the fastest time possible.

You can be confident in making changes to numeracy :
  • that your teachers will talk about positively in the staffroom
  • that your students will enjoy in the classroom
  • and that parents will praise at the school gate!
And not to forget,
even though I know it is not the 'be all and end all'...
making changes that will give you improved numeracy NAPLAN results.  :)
    Why would I do this?
    This is because it is MY PASSION…

    When I help school leaders, I help more teachers.

    When I help more teachers, I help more students and...

    My mission is to help ALL students ‘get’ Maths so they can leave school numerate.

    If our time together helps you to overcome a challenge and sets you up with a plan for improvement then it’s worth it.

    It’s important to know this is FREE.

    I am not charging you my hourly rate of $250 for a coaching call.

    The second reason I am making you this generous offer for free is because…

    It is also how I get to work with my ‘dream schools’.

    If at the end of our school numeracy evaluation consult, I feel that I can help you and that you might be a good fit for one of our programs…

    I’ll discuss what that looks like and if you’d like to take it a step further… we can work together more closely in the future.


    You’re also free to leave at the end of the call with your Ultimate Numeracy Improvement Plan to help you get started in leading changes at your school.

    I know your time is super valuable but think about this for a second…

    The worst thing that can happen is you spend 45 minutes talking to an experienced numeracy consultant and receiving an expert opinion on how to improve numeracy at your school....


    The best thing to happen is you decide to implement what you learn and make changes to your school’s numeracy program that result in improved numeracy results.

    Who Else Would Do This?


    But I’m 100% OK with putting myself on the line like this because my schools always get amazing results…

    As long as they do the work and take action.

    Now as you can imagine I’ll get A LOT of interest from this letter because of how many people will be reading it…

    So it’s important you read this next part very carefully…

    This is not for everyone.
    This works best with a specific type of school leader.

    First, you must be a leader responsible for change in numeracy at your school.

    Second, you must be committed to making improvements in numeracy and to the work it takes to make them.

    If this sounds like you…
    Say YES and click the button below.

    Let us plan a strategic school numeracy improvement game plan together. 
    Here's Why You Need To Act Now 
    I must warn you that because of the intense one-on-one time spent on these calls, I can only do this for a limited number of school leaders. 

    So be quick to book your spot in my calendar.

    Now at this point, I’m sure you’re excited about joining in for a FREE School Numeracy Improvement Consult but you may like to check out the frequently asked questions below...

    Frequently Asked Questions 
    1. Can I join in the meeting with another school leader from my school?

    Yes, if there is a small team of you who share the responsibility for leading the school in numeracy improvement then you are more than welcome to join in on the call together.
    Actually, it would be preferable for you to do so, that way you can share your challenges and priorities and agree on your plan of action.

    2. What size school is the plan suitable for?

    It doesn’t matter what size your school is we will make sure that your numeracy improvement game plan is personalised to your situation.

    3. What if we’ve been prioritising literacy at our school?

    I’m glad you asked.
    Did you know that post-school options are greater for those with higher levels of numeracy than literacy?
    Did you also know that students who are struggling in mathematics in the first year of formal schooling are still going to be struggling 5 years later UNLESS we do something about it?

    Yes, it is important to do all you can to improve literacy teaching and learning but it is also equally important to improve numeracy teaching and learning.  

    Don't leave it another year to improve the numeracy results of your students!  

    4. How long will the call last?

    We’ll block out 45 minutes of time – a good chunk of time, I know!
    All you will need is your computer and a ‘can-do’ attitude!

    5. Can I schedule it in my time zone?

    Yes, we work with schools all across Australia so these calls are popular and will fill quickly. 
    If the calendar says ‘busy’ that’s because the spots are taken, but if there are spaces left, you’ll be able to choose which time slots are still available in your time zone. That way you can choose what works for you 😉

    6. Do I need to do anything to prepare?

    Just a little bit. I’ll send you through an application form – it’s basically just a questionnaire. It will help both you AND me prepare for the call, so you can jump straight into the nitty-gritty together and not waste time. 😊
    This application form is a prerequisite of the call, so if we don’t receive it before your scheduled appointment, we’ll have to cancel your call.  
    It’s, unfortunately, a sign that you’re not able to commit to making improvements to numeracy, so please take the time to fill out your short application form as soon as you register.

    7. How long is this opportunity available for?

    I can’t say an exact time or date. This is only available until all the spots are filled, and you’ll be able to see that when you hit the calendar page to book.

    So, with that being said…
    Please understand that the window of opportunity to secure one of these limited spots won’t be open for long.
    When they’re gone, they’re gone!

    Click the button below to secure your consult call so I can help you create your school improvement numeracy game plan.

    Thanks for reading. 

    If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires. 

    Kind regards,

    Lynelle Campbell
    P.S. If, like me, you have a tendency to skip straight to the bottom of a letter like this to find out what it's all about...

    Let me give you a quick recap of what you're getting: 

    If you're a school leader worried about your numeracy results and wanting to make improvements...

    I'm offering a simple, step-by-step & laser-focused approach to improving maths teaching across your school.  

    A proven approach I've used with over 80 schools that doesn't require the purchase of expensive programs or the employment of maths specialists.

    I'm an experienced Numeracy consultant on a mission to help ALL students to get maths and leave school numerate.

    I've worked with over two thousand teachers across Catholic, Independent & Public school sectors in Australia to improve their mathematics teaching. 

    Teachers develop self-confidence in their ability to teach mathematics...
    but most importantly at every level students' numeracy results improve.

    If you've tried lots of PD, or tried changing textbook series or bought lots of resources...

    yet still your numeracy results are not improving...

    It's time for a change!

    Time to reduce the overwhelm. 

    Time to see your numeracy results going up.

    Time to make changes that work!

    If you want some help with that?

    I'm here to offer research-based, effective options that won't burden your staff and have been proven to work. 

    Let's 'pack' what needs to be 'packed' for your improvement journey.

    I'm offering a limited FREE consult opportunity for us to get together to make a 'Numeracy game plan' for how you can get from where you are to where you want to be...

    We'll work out how you can lead successful change in Numeracy teaching and learning at your school.

    Book a consult NOW (only a limited number available as this is a one-on-one call) to help you create a Numeracy Improvement Game Plan.  

    If you're a 'lets do it now' school leader with a willingness to put in the work it takes then click on the button below. 
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